Sunday, May 2, 2010

Toilet Paper

Do u, like I do, have difficulties to find the end of the toilet paper roll and fight with the thing for endless minutes feeling like a crazy rat, trapped in its turning wheel???

French Women and their moustache

I love how French women are so natural but yet so beautiful, they don't need to brush their hair nor put tons of make up to look beautiful. The perception of french beauty is all about beeing natural, beeing yourself, feeling comfortable in your skin. In Turkey, we dress up, we blow-dry our hair everyday by the help of various tools, haircurlers or often, very often, by visiting the hairdresser. We pluck our eyebrows, we get manicures and pedicures everyweek and so on...

I kinda like the natural beauty of the women in Paris, you can feel it everywhere, its on TV, on the streets and all around! However, there is one big reservation of mine in this whole natural beauty concept:

Its the moustache!!!

The body hair (except for those on your head) is identified with the masculin gender in most cultures, if not in all. That is why all women (at least that is what I thought) prefer to epilate the hair on their body, wherever (!) it may grow to be seen visibly.

For some reason, women in Paris DO NOT epilate their moustaches!!!! Do not try to tell me that european women are not as hairy as Turkish women because that is total bullshit after what I have seen so far in Paris!

Everytime the sun is out, I can't help my desire to particularly check if girls around me have moustache or not, and beleive me, most, and again if not all, have not epilated. I tried to check other nationalities like girls from Liban, Argentine, United States, Turkey etc. to see if I would observe the same picture, and very interestingly so, only the French girls let their moustaches grow.

I am hoping that as the weather gets warmer, I will not have to see hairy women legs or hairy armpits (and I would like to precisely say that guys with hairy armpits are disgusting as well!) , but I really do not understand how a woman can look in the mirror and not see her dark moustache that is crying out "you look like an adolescent boy!!"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

one month... Wooowww!!! One month without a single post!!! I must say that I have been really gay lately. -It is true that I tend to write more when I feel depressed. I articulate my emotions a lot better when I am sad.-

Anyways, I have been enjoying my Parisian life to the single minute since two months now, and damn, time passes by so fast when you do lots of stuff. I am already in the middle of the second half of my Parisian life and I dont want time to fly by!

This post was inteded to deliver my experiences in the public swimming pool near my house, which I have been visiting frequently since the last couple of weeks. YES I went back to sports and my body feels a lot better now.

So, I signed up for this public pool to pick up my swimming that I had left many years ago. Happily, I have discovered that I have not forgotten much, I can actually beat certain muscled guys in the pool!!! YES, I CAN!!!

My observations about a public pool:

- Young guys are mostly too proud to let a girl swim faster than them, they will either let you go first and come after you (most probably more motivated to check out your ass) or they will ridiculously try to swim faster which sometimes just does not help at all

- A public swimming pool is not the best place to train because it is just too crowded and you end up swimming sticked to the asses of those in front of you, and believe me, sometimes the view is just not very pleasent!!!

- If you try to swim faster and get in front of others you either end up kicking them in the face or you get beat up in your own face

- Do not try to train in a tiny two piece swimming suit because people can see everything, those are just made to get some sun

- If you dont know how to swim the breast stroke, do not try to, you end up diving up and down, which is not gonna help you get any exercise

- I saw a super cool bonnet with a shark fin on it, it is just the funniest thing and I want one!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ca y est !!!

This is a French expression of saying, “there or done or finally or finished”.
It comes to my mind when I think that I finally feel adapted to French life in Paris. I actually feel happy here now (even though I still think that I don’t have enough company to do things with but it’s OK)
It has been a hard process which I never thought I would go through as I am a relatively flexible person.

Weather is so much softer, the sun is literally out, my heavy school work is down to a quarter of what I had to previously do, my logistic problems are over, so being the person that I am, there is no reason for me to feel depressed and no reason to stay stuck in my apartment between my law books and my computer trying to finish papers before certain deadlines.

I am not suggesting that I don’t like my profession –which is studying law for the moment- because I love it and I find enormous satisfaction in it. I am just saying that I am certainly not used to having no social life at all. I have not been taught to live like a reading plant and I have not ever lived like that up until three months before.

I still have a lot of work to do, but it is balanceable between school life and my usual social routine that I have been longing for to find since longtime now.

So, those who read this, come join me quick to share my new life in Paris!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Life is so much easier" once said a friend if you are a girl.

Here is an example:

Alice, going back home late at night, misses her last metro connection so she has to take a cab. The line is of course heavenly (!) and there are many, yet so many people waiting for those never coming cabs. All of a sudden, a Spanish accent asks her:

“Where are you going?”

And she says:

“… not so far, I m just on this avenue.”

And so the Spanish accent finds the perfect formula that would save her night and offers her to share their cab so she would not wait any longer. Alice, very pleased, accepts the offer and goes on the very front of the line with other Spanish accents, and so she has saved around half an hour of standing in the line and in the cold. Even better, when she gets home, they don’t let her pay for the taxi, so she thanks all the Spanish accents from the bottom of her heart and meets her warm, soft bed and goes to sleep.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Alice

Continued from

Alice is a tiny little girl
She is very lucky, she doesnt know!
She wants too much, she wants it all!!!!

U got it rite! ;)

Its all about the attitude, the sun is out!!

I have just decided that I am tired of my ongoing melancholy now, and I am going to radically change my Paris attitude from this moment on!

I WILL feel happy, I will fucking stop complaining (I am the one who wants to be here afterall) and I will make the most of my year.

I think that I need to insert a little detail here, my exhausting first semester will be over in two days and I will have much more space for myself during the second semester which will gimme the chance to actually live the life that I was expecting to live when I wanted to come here.

So, wuhuuu!!!